What Is A Sender ID SMS ?

Personalized Sender ID or sender name resembles the value of who sent the message on your handset. For example, if your friend sends you a message then their sender ID is their phone number. Sender ID can be short numeric code or it can be a alphabets also such as 12345 or coffeetime.

There are three known types of sender ids-

Long numbers



Not Only Send Personalized Bulk SMS from Saudi Bulk SMS

But Also Set Your Business Name As Your Sender ID

Registration Required

Alphanumeric Sender ID

Support Multiple Language

No Religious Content Allowed

No Adult Content Allowed

No Political Content

Long number consists of the numerical sender IDs, which can be upto 15 digit long . shortcodes are special numerical sender that contain less number of digits as compared to ,long number types. This varies with varying the state or region. After all it comes alphanumeric type of personalised senders IDs. These are mix kind of both alphabets as well as numerical values. This consists all the letters from A-Z along with numbers to form a complete senders ID. This is specially for single-way communication with the customers. This is a good way to let your customer know who is actually sending the messages that in turn help in branding among the customers.

Networks in Saudi Arabia can have Personalized Sender ID’s where in you can choose alphanumeric characters as Sender ID. Saudi Bulk SMS has a dynamic routing in Saudi Arabia, where we are connected to all three major telecom operators in Saudi Arabia and this helps the end-user to ensure timely delivery of your message. Please be informed that as of recent, there is a new implementation with Sender ID rules for all Saudi operators to reduce spam.

The Following Documents Are Required For Sender ID Registration