Saudi Whatsapp

Enhance your communication with your customers through WhatsApp for business

Analyzing what our clients need “Saudi Bulk SMS” has provided outstanding features to improve your communication through SMS with your clients and customers. So, here we are with another absolute feature “WhatsApp chatbot” for our clients to help them grow their business standards.

WhatsApp chatbot feature enables a rational WhatsApp marketing through your Whatsapp business account. It allows you to send instantaneous replies to your customers automatically and drag the attention of your customers towards your service.


Attracts your customers through different traits of Whatsapp chatbot


WhatsApp marketing is extremely effective for promotional purposes as it engages your customers through an instant automated message in less than a second and catches the maximum interest of the customers. Most of the customers are attracted to faster response times, through WhatsApp chatbot you can respond to them even in your absence.

Business account whats app is being used by many of the clients in order to seek more attention from the customers

Saudi Bulk SMS WhatsApp chatbot features allow you to send


WhatsApp is a friendly Application with more than 1.6 billion users around the world. It is a great platform to interact with the customers for Whatsapp marketing. To allow your WhatsApp for business for WhatsApp chatbot feature you can connect through the WhatsApp business account that is linked with your services or business.

It is not possible in your busy schedule that you can respond to each and every message that you receive on your WhatsApp to manage that Saudi Bulk SMS provides a responsible feature that will handle all your customer’s messages through automatic replies